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Doors on the order

Company WoodMaker, offers you the manufacture of interior doors to order! 18 years on the market, more than 1000 works performed! We manufacture joinery products of any complexity! We work with companies and private clients!

We offer:

- Veneered and painted interior doors!

- Single-leafed, two-winged, one-and-a-half, arched, deaf, with glass!

- Color, shape and size according to your desire!

- Warranty service!

- 1 year warranty!

- Post-warranty service!

We do not deal with:

- Manufacturing of chairs

- Manufacturing of windows

- Manufacturing of shutters

- Restoration of others' products

- Do not finish other people's products

Price from 130 000 tenge per set! The kit includes: door, door box, trim on both sides, door mechanism, hinges! Minimum order of 5 doors!

There is a system of discounts!

For all questions, please call or write to What'sApp

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