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Planed and profiled timber to order

Repair is a delicate matter that requires great concentration from both the performers and the customer. The repair as in everything related to the construction site there are no trifles, and after the construction is finished and finish the repairs, is to bring it to an aesthetic perfection. Any builder or repairer knows that perfect docking of different surfaces in interior decoration in practice is impossible and technically feasible. Get out of trouble with a joint cutting thus fit into the interior will help planed and profiled timber of our production. By the wooden moldings are: floor Plinth, quirk (plinth ceiling), trim (profile bill strap that hides the gap between the door frame and the wall), area (hiding the joints of the walls at the same time giving them a finished aesthetic appearance). Planed and profiled timber to order of our production will give your repair not only the complete and complement shape to your interior, but will please your eyes for many years.


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