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Our company has been operating on the market since 1998, the colossal experience of our specialists will allow you to realize practically any complexity project.

Today our company offers a full range of services from design development to the final installation of a wooden product.

We are engaged in the following types of work:

  • Development of individual design of joinery (if necessary);
  • Manufacture of wooden products on our production base of high-quality materials with the use of a modern tool manufactured by leading companies;

Manufacture of wooden products is made from elite types of wood: oak, beech, walnut, etc. The choice of wood depends on the wishes of the customer.

In addition, it is possible to manufacture products with elements of an array using veneering technology.

In the decoration of products the most progressive and high-quality varnishes, paints, primers and other finishing materials are used. This allows you to give the product a rich color and excellent characteristics (wear resistance, strength, durability, etc.).

We are always open for cooperation!

Our company manufactured and assembled products for the following objects:

  • Kindergarten № 125, nine gazebos of various configurations production and installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fftLohq7ZhM
  • Business center "Koktem" (doors, manager's office)
  • The business center "Ken Dala" (doors, partitions, executive offices, reception)
  • Offices of companies in the business center "Nurly-Tau"
  • The bent handrail was manufactured and assembled in the Reception House
  • Participated in the installation work of the Palladium Club
  • Hard Rock Café and other bars and restaurants
  • Manufactured and installed products for "QazaQ Restaurant"
  • Waiting area and reception area in the Business Center "BAYKONYR"
  • three branches of "Tengri Bank"
  • "Al Hilal Bank" in Almaty
  • Office for the company "Shire"
  • Office for the company "TMF Group"
  • And also a lot of private apartments and houses



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