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Wood encyclopedia

Pine - monoecious evergreen tree pine family (Pinaceae), height of 45 m. The trunk diameter of up to 1 m, covered with a reddish-brown, furrowed, peeling bark. The trunk of the trees growing in serried stands, slender, held high openwork crown. Pine - one of the most common conifers of the northern hemisphere.

Oak is a well-known tree of the beech family (Fagaceae A. Br.). Oak reaches a height of 40 meters and the thickness of the trunk 2 - 2.5 meters or more. A great variety has a total of about 200 species, Widespread in Europe, Asia, North America, North and South Africa. Sapwood oak light yellow.

Uses: walnut, walnut Voloska (Jglans regia) - a tree from the nut family (Juglandeae), a height of 20-30 meters and a trunk diameter of 1.5 m. And Manchurian walnut (Juglans Manchuria) - deciduous monoecious tree nut family. Trunk up to 30 m, flat, straight, with an openwork crown. It grows in northern China and Korea, as well as in Russia (Maritime Territory and Amur region), in mixed coniferous-deciduous forests in the valleys and lower mountain belt. 

Beech - a powerful tree of the beech family (Fagaceae A. Br.), Up to 40 meters thick trunk and a half meters. Widespread in Europe, traditionally used for the production of parquet floors. Beech wood is light, with a reddish-yellow or grayish shade (hence the name red beech, in contrast to so-called "white beech" - hornbeam), annual rings are mild.

Fir tree is an evergreen tree pine family (Pinaceae), 20-50 m tall, with a conical crown and scaly brownish-gray bark. It grows in damp places on the rich loamy soils, rising in the mountains at a height of 1800 m above sea level (forms pure spruce). The grow location - Central Europe.

Cherry or bird cherry is a well-known tree of the family Rosaceae (Rosiflorae) up to 30 - 33 meters and a trunk diameter of 40 - 60 centimeters. It grows in the wild and grown as a cultivated plant in Europe (except for northern areas), in Asia Minor, the United States and some countries in Central America.

Larch is a sort of well-known coniferous trees of the pine family (Pinaceae). Large trees, 30-35 m tall, with a reset to the winter pine needles. The genus of 10-12 (by others. Data, over 20) species, distributed in the cold regions of the northern hemisphere (from the Himalayas to 71 ° C. M.).

Ash - wood of the olive family (Oleaceae), a medium-sized (up to 35 meters height). It grows mainly in Europe, although there are American and Japanese varieties of ash. Wood ash is light, slightly yellowish, with a distinct characteristic pattern texture on the cut. The sapwood and mature wood practically do not differ. 

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