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Tips on caring for products

Traditionally considered the most reliable furniture made of solid wood species: this furniture looks rich, beautiful and high quality. However, this furniture calls for a greater emphasis, below are a few simple rules that will help you keep your furniture almost intact for many years.

Do not let dust accumulate on wood products. Dry cleaning is desirable to do every day. And every week give some time for a thorough cleaning with the help of specially designed tools.  REMEMBER!!! Wood does not tolerate water.

All wood surfaces should be cleaned. To clean with a rag would be problematical, if there is carved figure on the furniture.            So it is best to use a soft bristle brush. Also you can use rag to clean inaccessible corners.

On the wood surface should not be placed any hot containers: coffee or tea cups, etc. before placing smth.  hot on wood, use special mat.

Keep away your wood from sunlight. The rooms with wooden furniture should have jalousie or thick curtains. The sun spoils the appearance of the product, it shrinks and cracks. If you use wood products outside it is better to cover it with thick cloth or covers.

Today the market offers a wide selection of special products for cleaning wood furniture. Do not save the money for it. Saving on quality tools, you risk losing a very decent look of the furniture. This, you see, will be much more expensive. It is necessary to give preference for tools of well-known brands.

If you accidentally spilled on the surface the wine, tea or coffee, immediately wipe it off. These fluids can rapidly penetrate the structure of the wood and leave stains. If the stain still persists, you can try the following recipe: Take a small amount of washing liquid, dissolve in water, and then rub the stain with this solution. Then rinse the solution and wipe the surface dry.

From time to time you need to wipe the furniture using polishes. In severe cases, you should use the services of professional polishers. Quality polishing is perfect to protect surfaces from external factors.

Wood is material living, breathing, so try to adopt the following guidelines for care:

Wipe the wood surface gently with a soft cloth (flannel, calico) using specially designed care products;

Do not place furniture in areas that are exposed to temperature changes;

Use a small amount of friendly wood wax for cleaning surfaces;

Never wipe surface with dry lips and do not use fluids on petroleum products to clean;

Here are a few tips to keep your furniture and make it available for the whole family. A slight deformation only confirms the quality of furniture made of natural and environmentally 

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